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SineWe live life on the run. Running from one place to another, from college to a career, from an apartment into a big house. If you’re always on the run chances are you sometimes neglect the things that require the most care- relationships, friends, health and your house. Goblin Defense Fund ensures you never neglect your house again. By reminding you when to get repairs done, finding the best services at the lowest prices and helping you through the entire maintenance process, we seek to make your life much less hectic.

I’m Sine Turgeon – the CEO of Goblin Defense Fund. As a woman who juggles work, home, and a healthy social life, I know how hard it can be for people to get their lives organized. The idea behind Goblin Defense Fund was to aid busy people to get their houses back in shape. So if you’re someone who could use a little help around your house (and we all do) then get started with Goblin Defense Fund today.